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INVENTENCES® is a new word game for 2 – 4 players or teams in which
each player uses their letter tiles & word tiles to form
grammatically correct sentences during the course of play.

So what makes a sentence an Inventence?

Subject, Verb, Object

In the game of INVENTENCES® only a full sentence that includes a subject, a verb and an object is counted as a sentence.

Every whole sentence (with plenty of exceptions of course) includes, but often starts with a subject (he, she, it, Joshua, buffalo), is followed by a verb that describes what the subject is doing (went, pretends, is carrying, looked, graze) and is concluded with an object that tells us what the subject is doing (verb) what it’s doing, to (to bed, to be posh, a lot of grain, ridiculous, on grass).

Inventences® Get a grip on grammar

A small grammar and syntax guide, to help you make healthier and funnier sentences.

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Playing the game

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“This game is like rubbing a bison's lunch box with purple araldite.”

Tommy the Barnacle

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